Mediation Overview

As an Accredited Mediator recognised by the Bar Council and Law Society, I offer Workplace and Civil and Commercial Mediation at competitive rates.

Mediation is a voluntary process in the presence of an impartial facilitator, who assists the parties to arrive at a mutually negotiated and beneficial resolution to an existing problem.

The pros of Mediation:

  • Less expensive than litigation; no legal fees
  • Faster; mediation can resolve a dispute in one or two days
  • Informal and confidential (Corporate and personal reputations are safeguarded)
  • If required, an agreement may be rendered binding by a court
  • While lawyers may be present, it is a chance for the parties to express their grievances and needs
  • Mediation can occur anywhere; a place of residence, a work environment or a neutral location


Workplace Mediation

External factors, personal attitudes and work ethics can create difficult working environments. Sometimes fear of repercussions or a breakdown in communication can mean that even the best grievance procedure in place is not used.

At such times impartial third party involvement provides a fresh perspective to a stagnating situation.  Choice offers an impartial, fast and confidential service at competitive rates.

Issues covered:

  • Communication difficulties between colleagues and teams
  • Personality clashes
  • Harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Issues arising from work style and pace
  • Remuneration and pay disputes

Mediation provides:

  • Effective and impartial de-escalation without recourse to litigation or Trade Union involvement
  • Improved relations between colleagues
  • Mutually-agreed modus operandi to overcome difficulties
  • Confidentiality, by keeping the matter in-house

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Civil and Commercial Mediation

Issues covered:

  • Personal injury
  • Inheritance disputes and division of funds
  • Financial disputes within families
  • Breach of contract
  • Disputes arising from quality of goods and services
  • Neighbour disputes, including boundary issues and noise